High Frequency Trading, Is The Market Rigged?

High Frequency Trading: Is the Stock Market Really Rigged?

Is the Stock Market Rigged?

Considering the recent Wolf of Wallstreet movie and a controversial 60 Minutes piece on the release of Michael Lewis’ Flash Boys: A Wall Street Revolt, it’s no surprise this question is getting a lot of media attention. If you missed the 60 Minutes piece that aired on March 30, 2014, take the 15 minutes and watch the clip below. [Full Story]

sibsongpanna chiangmai

Sibsongpanna: Traditional Lanna Cuisine & Dancing in Chiang Mai

Every night we watch the tour buses roll in with hoards of people, market stalls lining the parking lot, and the lights of lanterns twinkling above our home as they are sent off into the night sky. Sibsongpanna caught [Keep Reading]

angkor wat 2 copy

Quiz: How Much Time Should You Spend at Angkor Wat?

“Angkor Wat is the greatest place in the world! You could spend 7 days there and it still won’t be enough!” That’s what people will tell you. And yes, 7 days is probably not enough time to cover it all, but is it enough? [Keep Reading]


Traveling The World: A Black Swan Event

Why should you travel?

In my opinion, it’s a Black Swan Event.

What the hell is a Black Swan Event? No, it has nothing to do with that silly movie. The logic goes much deeper than a dancing company. [Keep Reading]

phnom penh cover

Phnom Penh: Dirty, Dangerous and Depressing

We took 2 steps outside of the airport doors and we were immediately swarmed, “tuk tuk, sir? Madame, tuk tuk?” We slithered our way through the mob of drivers ready to take us to our final destination when we were nudged by a Finnish man asking to share a ride into the city. [Keep Reading]


TurboJET Ferry: Hong Kong To Macau in a Day

Although our trip to Hong Kong was completely on a whim and we had no idea what our itinerary would behold, we knew that we could not visit without a trip to Macau (also known as Macao). We allowed ourselves 4-5 days for the trip, figuring two nights would be spent in Macau. [Keep Reading]


Impressions of Hong Kong

Hong Kong was not what we expected. Not at all. This could be because we made this trip on a whim without doing much research. Regardless, we were very surprised with what we found. While we did have an awesome time on our trip, some things left a bit of a bad taste [Keep Reading]

living in thailand

Living in Thailand: 6 Months Later

It’s hard to believe it’s been 6 months already. 6 months since we’ve seen our family face to face. 6 months since we’ve spent an afternoon on the boat, lounging at the springs with a Publix sub, country music and a Bud Light. 6 months since Brittany left the shackles [Keep Reading]


Video Post: Intro to Hong Kong, First Impressions

A look at our first impressions as we arrive into the bustling city of Hong Kong. We take the City Flyer bus from the airport into Kowloon, check into our less-than-stellar hotel room, eat our first authentic Chinese lunch and take a stroll down the Walk of Stars with views of the skyline [Keep Reading]

Piman Garden Boutique Hotel

Hotel Review in Khon Kaen: Piman Garden Boutique Hotel

The Piman Garden Boutique Hotel is by far the best choice for accommodations in Khon Kaen. While we usually stay at a mediocre budget-friendly hotel when visiting KK [Keep Reading]

khon kaen to chiang mai

Video Post: Cool Sights Driving Khon Kaen to Chiang Mai

Check out our short video clip of some cool sights we came across on our drive from Khon Kaen to Chiang Mai. Enjoy! [Keep Reading]


How To Become A Trader: Understanding There is NOT a Holy Grail

Although in my early years of trading I refused to believe it, the truth is, when it comes to becoming a trader there is no holy grail. When asked how to become a trader, the answer is simple: lots of studying, mistakes, and practice. There is no one indicator, system [Keep Reading]


Chiang Rai in Twenty Four Hours

Twenty four hours is by no means enough time to really get to know a place, but sometimes its all the time you have and you have to work with what you’ve got! We were making our way back to Khon Kaen on our Honda Forza and had to make a quick stop in Chiang Rai [Keep Reading]

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