munich travel guide 13 things you can't miss

Munich Travel Guide: 13 Things You Can’t Miss

After our troubles in Frankfurt and not-so-great first impression of Germany, you might be surprised to hear this ended up being our absolute favorite country that we visited in Europe. I don’t know if it was the perfectly groomed lush green countryside, the fact that drinking beer for breakfast is perfectly acceptable, or that it is a country so rich in history that had us dreaming of moving there. [Full Story]


Culture Shock: First Impressions of Germany

Germany has been high on both of our bucket lists for a long time. Charlie was anxious to drink beer in the heart of Bavaria and Brittany was more about visiting the Christmas markets, but regardless, we knew it wouldn’t be long before we splurged on a European trip [Keep Reading]

ao nang orchid resort

Hotel Review: Ao Nang Orchid Resort

When my best friend announced she was coming to visit me from the States, I knew a trip to the beach was an absolute must. I hadn’t been to Krabi yet, but I immediately knew this was where I wanted to take her. Sure we have beaches in Florida, but they are nothing like Thailand beaches. [Keep Reading]

pai thailand views

Pai in Pictures: A Photo and Video Essay

Pai is a chill mountain town in northern Thailand, about 3 hours outside of Chiang Mai. It is favored by backpackers for its relaxed, hippie vibe and delicious food. Don’t be fooled though, there is much more to Pai than getting stoned, eating and napping in a hammock. [Keep Reading]

angkor wat sunrise charlie brittany

How We Conquered Angkor in a Day

The Angkor Archaeological Park is a massive complex, stretching over 400 square kilometers. It would be nearly impossible to cover it in a week, let alone one day. You could spend hours exploring and getting lost in Angkor Wat alone, the most popular and well known temple of the bunch. [Keep Reading]

motorbiking 101

Motorbiking 101: How NOT to Drive a Motorbike in Pai

If there is one thing that we learned during our weekend trip to Pai, its that there is a good business opportunity in that small, mountainous hippie town: motorbike lessons. The amount of motorbike accidents we witnessed over the course of 48 hours was disturbing to say the least. [Keep Reading]

save money in thailand

Tips for Saving Money in Thailand

The low cost of living is one of Thailand’s biggest draws. This is no secret, after all it is consistently ranked as one of the top countries for expats, considering quality of life and economic opportunities. But even still, the money can quickly add up and you might find yourself [Keep Reading]


When is the Best Time to Visit Thailand?

One of the most common questions we get asked by our readers is “when is the best time to go to Thailand?” Truth be told, there is no straight-forward answer to this question. It really depends on where you are going and what your priorities are, whether it be the best weather [Keep Reading]

Songkran Festival Chiang Mai

Video Post: Celebrating Songkran in Chiang Mai

Songkran is a festival held in Thailand in celebration of the traditional Thai New Year, April 13-15. Traditionally, the tossing of water onto one’s shoulder was a symbol of washing away the bad and a blessing of good fortune for the new year. Over the years, this has progressed [Keep Reading]

High Frequency Trading, Is The Market Rigged?

High Frequency Trading: Is the Stock Market Really Rigged?

Considering the recent Wolf of Wallstreet movie and a controversial 60 Minutes piece on the release of Michael Lewis’ Flash Boys: A Wall Street Revolt, it’s no surprise this question is getting a lot of media attention. [Keep Reading]

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